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7-Day Reset.

One Off Payment of$297 
Starting on the 7th of April.

This event has now passed. For enquiries on future events, contact our team today 

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What is the Kula 7 Day RESET?

As we dive a little deeper into 2019 it can sometimes feel like we have missed the mark.
We can feel a little overwhelmed, maybe even a little sluggish or walking around feeling out of balance.

That’s not how it should feel though especially kick starting into the new year?

This is your year, to get on track with your health and wellbeing.

So after reflecting from the period that has just been - Do you find yourself sacrificing your own health for work, family, relationships and social engagements?

Well time for a hit of the RESET button!

At Kula Health, we know that you have the power to change. By adhering to our daily morning rituals, our 2-day juice & broth cleanse, followed by eating organic food for 5 days you will be left feeling super-charged with antioxidants and phytonutrients. It's time for your body to undergo a big detoxification.

Our goal for you is to feel better, clearer, more confident and more productive.

Welcome to the Kula 7 Day RESET - all the tools you need to reclaim your health through the power of mindset, food as medicine and community support.

Over the 7 days, we will take you through our Power Of Health methodology, giving you a true understanding around how good the body is meant to feel.

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Normal is not ok anymore. Learn about your body and feel empowered to change.

Mind Icon


Our thoughts alone create our reality. Learn how to create a new reality for healthier living.

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Sickness and Disease is on the rise; The current nutrition framework has to change. Are you ready to eat real food again?

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The quickest way to change the chemistry in our body is to drastically move our body. Are you ready to experience movement freedom?

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The number one cause for disease in our world is social isolation. Get connected within a tribe that thrives with you.

This is only for you if:

+ You feel out of control with your health

+ You feel tight/inflexible and disconnected to your body

+ You have aches and pains

+ You want to be connected to a group wanting more in 2019

+ You can adhere to our 7 day reset guidelines

+ You are located near Newstead, Brisbane.

Power of health

Learn to look after your own health the way you do your family and business.

To be apart of our 7-day detox and reset you will need to be able to commit to;

+ Initial Power of Health workshop on Sunday 7th April 2-5pm at Kula Health. This is where you learn about our 6-pillar method to explore your potential. Master these six and master your wellbeing.

+ Breathing and Cold Immersion Experience on Sunday 14th April 9am-12pm

+ All other aspects of the 7-day reset are flexible and can be arranged around your schedule.

When: Sunday 7th April
Where: Kula Health

What do you get?

+ Power of Health Workshop to set you up for the next 7 + days
+ Daily email keeping you on track and informed
+ Signature 7 day detox guide and recipe
+ Kula Health’s Signature Juice and Broth pack.
(Includes 2 days worth of cold pressed organic juices and 2 days worth of organic broth)
+ 2 days worth of organic broth
+ 5 days of delicious recipes and food guidelines
+ Practitioner grade supplement pack to support your 7 days.
+ Kula Signature Massage
+ Pass to our Reset Yoga class run by Dr Laura Elliott
+ Pass to 1 of our community classes (Yin and Meditation, Bend and Breathe)
+ Pass to our Breathing and Cold Exposure Experience

Total Value at $627!

I want a spot in the 7-day reset.

7-Day Reset

One Off Payment of $297 
Starting on the 7th April.

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Look forward to meeting you on the other side of the re set button!