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4 Week Holistic Health Reset

To start the new year Kula is offering a whole health reset, a four-week online holistic program to educate and empower you, and your family, to live your healthiest, happiest lives. Natasha and Dr Laura have curated the whole health reset with essential and sustainable health practices in mind.

The whole health reset is not a get fit quick or weight loss program. This program will help you implement daily practices that benefit your whole health. What we aim to provide you with this program is:

  • Basic principles of health
  • Practical tools for lasting changes
  • Improved overall health and wellbeing
  • Education and empowerment

What you get is four weeks of intensive holistic health education and support, weekly group calls to connect, learn and share, a whole health manual to keep forever, nutrition advice, access to holistic movement sessions, and a whole health community.

What to expect over the first 4 weeks of the rest of your life!

Week 1: CLEAN UP
In the first week we will have a look into what we are feeding ourselves, how we are moving and how we are feeling. Setting up for success. Whole health principles to live by.

How to create balanced meals. Learn about the importance of knowing where your food comes from and what chemicals/poisons may be sprayed on or hiding in the food. Best places to buy food.

Impact of modern day lifestyle and your body. Learn about ideal posture and breathing techniques. Types & timing exercise and effects on hormone release and circadian rhythm.

Week 4: The 5 S’s
Learn about the importance of sleep, sunshine, supplements, stress and self care and how they impact health.

Each week there is the Live seminar with Natasha & Dr Laura, movement video, cooking/health hack demo, morning ritual, accountability work & FB community.

January 10th – February 7th, 2022

Cost $99

Program requirements: Access to Facebook and Zoom