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We are on a mission to give back 10,000 years to our client’s lives by 2030.

This is measured through our bio age test vs change over time.
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What is the BioAge test?

BioAge is a unique calculation of your body’s health age.

Created by Professor Paul Taylor using the latest research, BioAge is the most accurate assessment of how old you really are. Conducted over a 2 hour experience we explore your blood pressure, lipid profile of your blood, V02 max, nutrition, stress management, strength, mobility and body composition.

The result? A personalised action plan to get you healthier and younger.

What you get in the Kula BioAge Test Experience?

+ A 17-page comprehensive report of your bio age
+ A complete body composition analysis
+ 30min Focus Massage
+ Understanding and benefits of becoming a client with Kula Health

What we will cover in the Kula BioAge Test Experience

+ Complete audit of your lifestyle
+ Behavioral Test – Alcohol, Stress, Smoking, Nutrition
+ Metabolic Test – Blood Pressure, Body Composition
+ Physical Test – VO2 Max, Strength, Core Endurance, Mobility, + Lung Function
+ Medically Graded Body Composition Analysis – Muscle Mass, + Fat Mass, Bone Density
+ Walk through of the “Power Of Health” mentorship

Who’s this for?

+ You don’t accept being normal – Unfortunately normal is now sick, fat and tired.
+ You want your wellness to thrive and not just survive
+ You know you have untapped potential inside of you.

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