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The massage techniques used at Kula Health are designed to bring balance to the muscles and connective tissues of your body.

The release of built-up tension and deep relaxation promotes natural movement and body positioning, increases the flow of blood and lymphatics, and enhances the body’s capacity to heal.

Massage aids in restoration of tissues previously injured by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions, and helps the removal of blockages and damaged cells.

The massage techniques used at Kula Health are carefully designed to bring balance to the muscles and connective tissues of your body. 

Massage Newstead

6 Unique Massage Techniques

From the Kula Health Signature, heavenly whole body treatment, to the Japanese Reiki – you can choose between seven different massage therapy treatments.

Some of them will be a great fit if you are feeling stressed out, and some are intended for an everyday athlete, but they are all designed to make you feel pampered, nourished and revitalised.


Is a remedial deep tissue massage incorporating passive stretching of the limbs. It’s a great choice if you are feeling stressed, suffer anxiety, feel tension or have difficulty sleeping.


Is a deep tissue massage infused with magnesium oil, designed for the everyday athlete and is bound to leave you feeling back in balance. Expect a strong massage with various active release techniques.


Is a gentle, rhythmical massage treatment designed to stimulate and enhance the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. This type of treatment will provide great results if you are suffering chronic illness or have inflammation, arthritis, fatigue, a sluggish immune system or depression.


Is a targeted deep massage which is great if you are short on time, or know exactly what needs work. This treatment will be a great pair with your Chiropractic appointment!

And, if you are looking for a Scalp Massage – the head, neck and shoulder massage will stimulate the senses, and relax your busy mind.

You can also show gratitude for your humble feet with the Therapeutic Foot Massage; it will relieve tension, and induce blood flow.

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Massage FAQ's

Ensure to arrive at least 15mins prior to your treatment.

This will give you enough time to take advantage of our interactive waiting space, fill out your questionnaire and start to wind down into a relaxed state ready for your massage.

You will discuss with your massage therapist what areas you would you like to work on and identify the flow of the massage. At this time the therapist will check on the pressure and intensity to ensure its perfect for you. They’ll be more than happy to adapt the session to your specific needs!

If you are looking for the pure enjoyment, we suggest the Kula Signature Massage. 

In case you are feeling really tense and stressed out, the best choice would the Focus Massage (30mins) or the Ultimate Sport (60mins), used with magnesium oil for the ultimate muscle release.

And if your feet ache for pampering, the For The Sole massage with reflexology elements will most likely make you feel like you are floating on air.

There’s no wrong choice though, each of this treatments will make you feel refreshed and calm.

If you are looking to address a specific condition you should be seeing a massage therapist quite frequently at the beginning and then slowly tapering down.

But if you are after a maintenance treatment plan, then a session every 2-4 weeks may be more than fine for you.

Don’t worry - we’ll talk about that during the first session.

At Kula health, the only pain you’ll get is “feels good” pain. A great massage, even if it’s a really deep tissue massage, should always stay in the hurt-free zone.

Pain can be an indication that the muscle or tissue is inflamed, maybe even injured, which signals your therapist to adjust the pressure.

The best massage will work with your body’s natural response, not against it.

You can feel results right away! Some people experience a great relief and significant life improvement after just one session, and some clients need at least three or four treatments until they can surely tell the results.

It really depends on the severity of your condition, your health and additional self-care programs that may speed up your process of healing.

Relaxed and usually free from aches and pains. Energized – this is the way we like to leave our clients feeling. Increase in energy levels and greater productivity can even last for several days after the treatment.

So you should expect pain relief, easier mobility, deeper sleep patterns and lower stress levels just to name a few. The benefits of massage usually increase with regular treatments and you’re likely to experience deeper relaxation with each therapy session you take.

Pair your massage with an organic green juice or Tumeric shot in the fridge to assist in removing the toxins and you will be feeling ready to tackle the day or night!

All of our Massage Newstead therapists are registered, have on the spot health rebates, and they have all undertaken intensive training with Kula Health in order to deliver the highest quality massage tailored to your needs.

If you are looking for a great remedial massage therapist, we have the best at Kula Health. (Bios can be viewed here)

Our therapists use a wide range of massage techniques including deep tissue, sports, active release, lymphatic drainage, cross friction, cupping, reflexology and relaxation. There is a strong focus on the long-term health, recovery and the general well-being of our clients.

Learn more about our team here.

Yes, all our massage therapists are registered for HICAPS on the spot claiming. It will depend on your level of cover with your private health provider in regards to how much you will get back.

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It’s not just about the massage. We’ll make sure you are set up for life!

And the only way to make sure you’ll take good care of yourself is by teaching you how to. Not in a preachy way but in a very practical and most of all – a fun way.

Kula Health also runs monthly workshops and community catch-ups where you can, learn about proper breathing techniques, practice deep stretching and get new insights on meditation. You can find all the information about our future and previous events here.

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Get back to moving freely, thinking clearly and living a healthy lifestyle.

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