Top Tips To Keep On Track During The Festive Season

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1. Support Liver Detoxification and Slow Phase I Liver Detox Pathways

During the festive season it is common to have an increased toxin exposure due to different food choices and an increased amount of alcohol. Both food and beverages can impact our liver and cause an increase in toxin exposure. Phase 1 detoxification involves breaking down metabolites so that they can be processed then they are to be conjugated during the second phase to exit the body. If phase I is working faster then phase II you will have serious health problems as your toxicity levels rise.
To support liver detoxification, eat plenty of green leafy vegetables throughout the holidays such as broccoli, spinach, kale and Asian greens. Increase herbs such as turmeric, rosemary and milk thistle everyday to further improve liver functioning.

2. Reduce effects of alcohol

Firstly no alcohol is good for the body as it acts like a poison when it is metobilised causing all sorts of hormonal imbalances, poor liver functioning, nutrient deficiency and in most cases severe dehydration. But as a modern Naturopath that understands that my clients keep it real, helping to reduce the effects can help.
The by-product of alcohol is acetaldehyde, which is a nerve irritant and causes a lot of the hangover symptoms. Magnesium competes with acetaldehyde and can prevent and correct a lot of hangover symptoms. Taking a good form of magnesium such as magnesium chelate before bed can help dramatically with the hangover symptoms. Also drink all the water you can have before your retire.

3. Take Electrolytes

Electrolytes and rehydration is key to replenish the body to keep an alkalised environment. Sodium, Potassium, potassium and calcium are your essential electrolytes that work intracellular and extracellular to keep homeostasis in the body. The best form of electrolytes are bought in the pharmacy and can help with dehydration.

4. Recharge your batteries

Fresh, air, sunshine, negative ions and nature to recharge – head for the hills, the beach and get out, get exhausted fall asleep early, get up early and get some good new habits. Get addicted to the recharge nature provides

5. Circadian Rhythm

Wake up naturally if possible. A lot of people never get a chance to sleep in until they wake up. No alarms, kids, trainers etc. for a day. Just let your body sleep and then wake up.

6. Avoid technology where possibleM

Yes technology and toys are impressive and fun but as a population we are losing our connection with nature. Use the holiday time to connect with your family, partner, children and most importantly you as a human. Switching off technology and switch on to your internal flow of life with nature will have immense benefits to your health and wellness. Some things you can do ar read a book, learn new healthy meals, draw, paint, learn a instrument, learn to sing, take dance classes, fish, go for a drive to a new place- the list is limitless.

7. Reflect and Re-evaluate

The end of the year should be a time to reflect and re-evaluate your achievements and set new goals and intentions for the new year. This can help you stay focused on the person you are becoming for a happier healthier you.

8. Move Like Jagger

Slip on your dance shoes and pull out those old-school Run DMC on the D-Floor. Moderate dancing can burn an average of 220 calories in 30 minutes! Next time you are out at a functional event, be the one that is first on the dance floor and feel energized because you are the one burning the most calories.

9. Use Tall, Skinny Glasses

Some bars are will serve drinks in tiny glasses to keep you coming back for more. Drinking from bigger glasses means you don’t have to keep going back for more drink and you have bonus room for soda water or non-alcoholic mix. This will help you to stay pace through the night and overall reduce your spending and amount of alcohol.

10. Take Time Out

Dedicate some ‘me’ time during the silly season. This time allows you to relax, regenerate and recharge so when you are with loved ones you will feel much more giving and loving. Putting yourself first is not a selfish act, in fact it is the least selfish action you can do. When you put love and tine into filling up your cup, what is overflowing can be given to your friends and family. This makes you more present and sharing more love with the people around you.

11. Don’t let one indulgence or big meal derail you from your health goals

One time will not make your clothes feel tighter. However, if you choose to eat badly for the entire week after it you will see negative effects. Do not dwell jump up, dust yourself off and carry on your eating plan and don’t look back.

12. Use Kombucha as an Alcohol Substitute

If you love your soft drink or wine or a glass of bubbly Kombucha will give you the bubbly experience with added benefits! You will get a natural buzz from the beneficial bacteria, no hang over in the morning, and you will save some serious dollars if you make your own.

13. 1 drink = 1 kilometre

Make a bet with friends for every standard drink you consume, you will run 1 km the next day. It’s an incentive not to go past the 7th round because 7km the next day hung over is not the best feeling in the world, especially if it’s a hot day.

14. Choose Who You Celebrate With

This time of year you may have a stack of party invitations to attend to but you do not need to go to all of them. Sometimes it’s not worth being surrounded by negative people, or the people you genuinely do not like. Honour yourself and skip some of the parties. Only attend those you feel happy and lighter when your RSVP yes to.