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Yin Yoga and Meditation can help you bring greater
awareness, acceptance and quality into your life.

Yin Yoga and Meditation at Kula Health

Kula Health, located inner city Brisbane, is a place where yoga and meditation students of all ages, backgrounds, experiences, and abilities are welcomed. Our classes teach you how to practice these skills and bring greater awareness, acceptance, and quality into your life.

Our yin yoga and meditation class is a combination of two practices, each working in harmony to deliver the profound stillness and awareness that is so often missing in our lives.

Yin yoga is the perfect complement to a dynamic (or yang) yoga practice and life. Yin yoga is made up of a series of asana and deep stretches, where each pose is held for up to five minutes at a time, encouraging you to slow down and simply be.

By engaging your body this way, you’ll experience a deep and powerful release in both your muscles and connective tissues, and a greater range of motion in your joints. Yin yoga encourages you to focus on the breath, to observe the fluctuations or busyness of the mind, and become attuned to the way your body moves from resistance to relaxation.

The class finishes with an extended savasana to allow students to fully drop in.

Join us at 7:15pm Tuesday nights as we switch off.

$25 drop in visit ($20 for current Kula clients or F45 members).

What To Bring

  • Just you
  • Yoga mats, blocks, and bolsters all provided


What You Can Expect From Your Yin Yoga And Meditation Class

When you enter Kula Health you will be often greeted with a hug or a friendly smile, then find your mat, mingle, stretch or simply lay down and relax. The class will begin, and you will be guided through a series of breath and deeply releasing yin yoga poses.

In some poses, a block or a bolster will be used to support and deliver a deeper stretch or greater comfort. We encourage you to listen to your body as you move through each posture.

Stresses of life and the mind can accumulate in your body, showing up as tension in the shoulders, neck, back and hips, and a yin class can often unlock some stored emotions. These may be positive emotions, difficult emotions, or frustrations.

You move through and shift these energies with your breath, and your yoga practice becomes a tool to help you navigate and release these emotions as they wash through you. After a yin class, our students report feeling light, loose, refreshed, and super relaxed

Benefits Of Yin Yoga And Meditation

There are many benefits of making a regular yin yoga practice part of your life. Benefits of yin yoga include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Less tension, pain, and inflammation
  • Calmness, stillness of the mind, decreased anxiety
  • Increased ability to regulate emotions
  • Improved connectivity with yourself, your loved ones, and others
  • Feelings of empowerment and strength

Why not find out for yourself just how wonderful our yin yoga and meditation classes in Brisbane can be? At Kula Health, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our clients, and we would love to see you at our next yin yoga class.


If you have any questions, we are here to help – simply call us on 0432 561 229 or send us an email at info@kulahealth.com.au