Community Round Up – Feb 2018.

Our Story

Welcome to our ‘Kula’ meaning community. We are here challenging the status quo around what we think a wellness space should be like and that starts with our community.

Each month we are excited to be sharing with you our journey. We wanted to create a happy healing place. A place where people feel welcome, can switch off, and attend to their own needs with support from those dedicated to a holistic approach to healing. Offering Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Massage and mindful practices, with community at the cornerstone of all that we do.

February saw us take on a lot of new faces at our regular Tuesday and Thursday mindfulness classes and our clients delved deep into our bi monthly breathing and cold exposure experience.

Continue on to see what we have in store for March.

What’s on this Month? March 2018

Kula Health Meditation Classes Newstead

Kula Catch Ups

Monthly this year we are hosting catch ups that involve some of the fun things that we love to do…Handstands, slack line, movement, juggling and lots of laughs along the way. (And don’t be shy, you don’t have to be able to any of these things to come!). This is a free event for everyone.

Kula Health Icebath Newstead

Breathing and Ice Exposure

Some research and benefits may show to:

+ Control your immune system
+ Sleep deeply
+ Reduce inflammation
+ More energy
+ Take your body from acidic to alkaline

Come experience this for your self. This method is becoming to hard to ignore.