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Our Bend and Breathe Classes Help You Invite More
Space And Flexibility In Your Life

Bend and Breathe Classes Brisbane

Looking for a way to invite more space and flexibility into your life? Our Bend and Breathe classes at Kula Health are the ideal complement to your yoga practice, gym-based exercise, or sports training. It’s the perfect antidote to a busy city lifestyle.

Join us for our next intensive stretch and breath class where during a 60-minute class, we will guide you to use the healing power of your breath to unravel tensions and bring awareness to your body.

7pm On Thursday nights

Bring a mat if you have one otherwise we have some mats available. Rollers, blocks and balls provided.

$20 drop in visit ($15 for current Kula clients or F45 members).

What To Expect In A Bend And Breathe Class

We kick things off by welcoming you into your body, getting you all relaxed and loosened up for the breathing to come. Once you’re connected with your physical body, we take a deep dive into your breath.

You will be guided the entire session and encourage you to use your breath as you embark on a transformational journey.

Take This Time For Yourself

In our busy lives, we often do not take the time to really take a breath and give ourselves the opportunity to regain the precious focus on ourselves that we so dearly need.

With out breath there is no life and there is no life without breath. We will be sharing with you the tools to feel fully alive, take control of your stress and get back in control with how you feel.

The breath is such a fundamental component of your body’s health and wellbeing. Many of us do not really breathe as effectively, deeply, and completely as we should.

We recommend these classes to anyone who is looking to experience more energy, clarity, and awareness in their life.

Benefits of Bend and Breathe

When you leave your first Bend and Breathe class, you can expect to feel energised, fulfilled, and maybe even joyful. We all have different experiences, but one common thread we all share is that we all need oxygen to live and to heal.

By participating in these classes, you are giving your body the rich and full breaths it needs for optimal healing and wellness.

  • Increase your vitality and flood your body with oxygen-rich blood
  • Relax muscle tension and decrease stress
  • Gain greater awareness of your body’s breath
  • Educate yourself about the benefits of proper breathing and the link between breath and wellbeing

Breathing is the experience that anchors you in the present moment. When you practice with us at Bend and Breathe, you will stretch and explore your body’s tension, relax it with the power of your breath, and give your body the gift of oxygen-rich blood.

Book with us for our next class and find out for yourself how beneficial our Bend and Breathe class can be for your wellbeing, clarity, and health.

Got some questions about this class? Call us on 0432 561 229. We are happy to answer any questions you have about this class or any of our other services.